Knowing the facts about the telecommunications industry transformation

Knowing the facts about the telecommunications industry transformation

22 November 2019

Messages and posts circulated recently about the telecommunications industry transformation program that is currently underway on social media are incorrect and misleading information.

Claims that employees of the telecommunications companies will be “laid off”, “fired”, or “forced to quit” are completely false and unsubstantiated. It is the commitment of Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd, as the shareholder of the telecommunication companies, that no one will be laid off as a result of the transformation. This was made clear to all employees in February earlier this year and has been communicated repeatedly since then.

Similarly, statements on social media claiming that the transformation will limit competition in the market is inaccurate. The transformation is in fact enabling competition by giving each of the telecommunications operators equal access to the same technology and infrastructure. Every Bruneian will benefit from more choice of providers, an increased range of services and digital innovation as a result of the new industry structure.

Any deliberate attempt or inadvertent action that misleads the public on important national agenda such as this are deeply regrettable. Malicious rumours always travel faster than the truth and the public is advised to know the facts before participating in or contributing to speculation.

The confidence and support for the transformation shown by the vast majority of citizens is greatly appreciated, towards a brighter future and paving the way for Brunei’s digital economy, and ensuring that no Bruneian is left behind during the process.

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