Leveraging Change into Commercial Opportunity: Print Plus Sdn Bhd aims to elevate Brunei’s Printing Sector to new horizons

Leveraging Change into Commercial Opportunity: Print Plus Sdn Bhd aims to elevate Brunei’s Printing Sector to new horizons

1 July 2020

Today marks a major turning point for the country’s printing sector with the revitalisation of the Government Printing Department into a new corporate entity named Print Plus Sdn Bhd (“Print Plus”). As of 1 July 2020, all printing services that were previously under the Government Printing Department have been transferred to Print Plus; a wholly owned subsidiary of Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd (“Darussalam Assets”).  With the transformation, Print Plus becomes a full-service commercial printing company envisioned to accommodate both the local and regional printing needs. The corporatisation initiative by the Prime Minister’s Office, facilitated by Darussalam Assets, is set to elevate Brunei’s printing sector to new heights.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Print Plus will be inheriting and providing high quality printing services to the local market through portfolios such as Pelita Brunei and other printed Government materials. It will also introduce a multitude of new opportunities that will be able to build and expand on its existing relationship with clients, and offer a more diverse range of printing services to cater to the general public along with a value for reliability, flexibility and timeliness. On top of the wide range of products to be offered, Print Plus will provide print consultation services to accommodate creative printing solutions to customers, including richness and tonal qualities of colour, paper, ink selection, finishing, bindery and overall visual impact. Moreover, in the near future, Print Plus will look to offer bespoke design services such as packaging design and branding design by in-house designers. This will allow Print Plus to provide end-to-end print services, further elevating the local market to new heights.

The corporatisation will lead to an increase of ‘in-country-value’ spending by His Majesty’s Government, import substitution opportunities and encourage competition with regional vendors. Consequently, Print Plus will be able to offer more competitive pricing with the opportunity to tap into export markets. This is significant for Brunei with neighbouring countries expressing interest in the printing of specialised materials that the nation offers, such as buku Yassin where they can be assured of the authenticity of the Islamic content offered. Print Plus will be able to pursue these services by leveraging on its legacy publication and credibility as a reputable source.

Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr. Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II expressed his anticipation for the initiative: “This is a milestone in the development of the Printing Sector, particularly in diversifying the nation’s economy in non-oil and gas sectors and providing Bruneians with gainful employment opportunities. Print Plus will give rise to instil strong corporate governance and implement policies and procedures in line with international best practice, thus improving the overall operational efficiency of Print Plus. A key objective for the establishment of Print Plus is to spur industry growth, as the company expands to become more responsive to new opportunities in the market, hence encouraging product innovation. In the future, Print Plus aspires to broaden its product offerings that are currently unavailable in Brunei, providing local and regional clients more options. As Print Plus becomes more competitive, the company will strive to expand its business and tap into international markets. Commercially leveraging on these significant changes sets a ripple in economic sustainability for the foundations of our nation’s future and economy.”

The transition will include a focus on human capital and business development to explore and develop new business opportunities, alongside international technical expertise to guide the smooth transition and facilitate operational processes of Print Plus. To accommodate current and future manpower needs, employees will be equipped with training and development programs, to ensure efficient operation of machineries and production of higher quality products, as well as a reduction in wastage of materials. Print Plus will be able to upskill and progress future-ready capabilities amongst employees, to allow efficient manpower utilisation and diversified skillsets.

Further enquiries on Print Plus services and offerings can directed to inquiry@printplus.com.bn.

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