MPC launches ‘Goal Zero Lost Time Injury Indicator’

February 21 marks a very special day for Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd (MPC), where the operationalisation of Muara Container Terminal (MCT) reached its third year. In light of this special day and to commemorate MPC’s third anniversary, MPC launched the ‘Goal Zero Lost Time Injury’ initiative for Muara Port.

This initiative aims to induce awareness by key stakeholders and port users on their role regarding safety and responsibilities. The ‘Goal Zero Lost Time Injury’ initiative is a collaborative effort amongst key stakeholders and port users to ensure and safeguard incidences or injuries from occurring at the port.

MPC implemented several improved measures such as mandatory requirement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the port, permit requirement to carry out specific operational tasks, penalty and demerit system, certified third party inspection requirement for equipment, safety drills and certified training for MPC employees.

The award of Statement of Compliance of Port Facilities Certificate for Muara Port was officially presented by the Chief Executive of Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam (MPABD) Haji Mohd Salihin bin Haji Aspar as the guest of honour following the launch of the initiative.

Receiving on behalf of MPC was Chief Executive Officer of MPC Zeng Caili and Chief Operating Officer Mohammad Fazilah bin Haji Md Yassin.

Since incorporation, MPC has been expanding its portfolio, including managing and operating the adjacent Muara Conventional Terminal since the takeover in July 2018.

In view of the nation’s intensifying efforts to diversify the economy and attract foreign direct investment (FDI), MPC works closely with Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd (Darussalam Assets) and the Government of Brunei Darussalam, through providing increased connectivity, technological upgrades, higher trade volume and diversification of economic growth sectors outside of the oil and gas industries.

This is part and parcel of MPC’s contributory efforts towards the objective of the Government and Darussalam Assets to improve industry structures and sector strategies.


Chief Executive of Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam (MPABD) Haji Mohd Salihin bin Haji Aspar at the launching of ‘Goal Zero Lost Time Injury Indicator’. PHOTO: MPC